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    Reboot after the antivirus updates



      I presume the antivirus auto update does not require the machine to reboot for most of the cases. But if some patch or security/software update requires reboot then where does this information is stored in the system?

      Is there a registry key that save pending reboot status?

      Or it prompts the user at that time only?

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          Generally restarts are not required and will always be prompted.


          See KnowledgeBase articles:


          KB55962 - Common reasons to restart a computer with VirusScan Enterprise.


          KB52875 - Purpose of the RebootRequired registry key



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            Hi, Thanks for the reply.

            Just to clarify If I am updating the antivirus software ( after the fresh install), whenever this registry key is set, does it prompt for reboot? or it is kind of flag for pending reboot like microsoft patches and other system reboot


            I tried to get many autoupdate task. It did not ask me to for reboot even once. And I did not get a document which teslls that reboot will be prompted for upgrade.


            One more question, is there a way to disbale that reboot prompt? So that next time the system is rebooted the changes will be applied

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              If the machines are being managed by ePO, you can set the McAfee Agent policy to not reboot. Under the "General" tab there is a setting for "Reboot options after product deployment (Windows only):". De-Select "Prompt user when a reboot is required" if you would prefer to reboot the machines as part of another maintenance process.



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                What if the machines are not managed by EPO?


                Is there a settings that can disbale the reboot required message box prompt?