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    How to remove VSE 8.5/8.7?

      Hi, facebook offered me a 6-month trial version of mcafee. I'm trying to install it but am having trouble. If anyone knows what the version is or how i can see what version it is (antivirus/total/other) please let me know. I'm replacing VSE with this version because i hope it will give me more protection.


      I need to know how to remove VSE from my system, I run on Vista with firefox and have removed norton and kapersky which i had before completely with removal tools.


      I ran the command line removal but nothing.


      My computer currently has no protection on it so help would be appreciated.

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          Hello Pia....


          You can try from Add Remove Programs.................

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            Hello pia,


            yes, you can use the add remove program.

            however, if you want to do this on many pc's, you can create an unistall command line like :



            ECHO Uninstalling VirusScan 8.7i if it exists
            MsiExec.exe /x {147BCE03-C0F1-4C9F-8157-6A89F5R6GD973} /qn /quiet

            ECHO Removing Registry Information
            REG DELETE "HKLM\Software\Network Associates" /f



            where the data beetween paranthesis is the string you get from the registry uninstall place ie:




            it will be different for each version so you'll need a ligne for each one. but you can insert all that into a .cmd or .bat file then distributing it via sms or event at login

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              Please see the following KnowledgeBase article for full details on all versions KB52648 - How to remove VirusScan Enterprise 8.x using msiexec.exe



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                Hi everyone, successful install! Thanks.


                Removed VSE 8.7i with add/remove programs, however there appeared to be leftover files I wasnt able to access so ran some different removal lines given at the top (didn't work unfortunately), but searched 'How to manually remove VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i' in the first link in the post above. That took me to another link, 'How to remove VirusScan Enterprise x' so I inserted the removal lines given with through the 'Run' command which I think did the trick, (not sure which one exactly worked, tried a few) but this cleared up the MCPR 'detects McAfee Enterprise' problem and the install was complete after that.

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                  Please note, MCPR ( McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool) does not remove Enteprise products.