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    Regarding VSE 8.7 Scann exclusions in EPO 4.0




      I have a question regarding VSE 8.7 "scann exclusions" in EPO 4.0. I configured the VSE 8.7 policy "On-Access Default Processes Policies" in "Exclusions" some folders "c:\program Files\GFI\*" to exclude this folder from VSE scanning. I also set the option "Also exclude subfolders" to exclude all subfolders and set the options "When to exclude" - "On read" & "On write".

      But sometimes I got the VSE malware notification from files on this server in "c:\program Files\GFI\archive\85348634458.eml". I also activated the "Setting for : "Server" in this policy.


      What is the reason for this malware notification? I want to exclude this folder from VSE scanning!


      In the policy "On-Access Default Processes Policies"  in "Setting for : "Server" in "Processes" I also have set the option "Configure different scanning policies for high-risk, low-risk, and default processes". Can it be that than the exclusions in "On-Access Default Processes Policies" have no effect and I have to configure exclusions in "On-Access High-Risk Processes Policies" & "On-Access Low-Risk Processes Policies" additionaly?


      Thanks and greetings from Germany