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    Update Problems Help Now Please

      mcafree changed to a new desgin.


      i have autoupdates DISABLED


      yet the stupid thing still updates / download updates WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.


      how the heck do i make this dumb thing stop? i am starting to hate mcafree. seriously. the auto updates screw up whatever i am doing so I HAVE THEM OFF FOR A DAMN REASON.


      so why is the updates off no longer working?

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          Sorry for the trouble BeeFood, there may be various reasons for the updates to be disabled. However, please clarify the following:


          1. What is your Operating System?

          2. How was the McAfee programs installed to your computer?

          3. Since you say it has "changed to a new design" - check and let us know the version details of the same

          4. What type of internet connection that you are using?

          5. What is the version of your Internet Explorer?

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            WANT updates to be disabled. it said they were disabled. but it wanted to update without my permision anyways


            1-windows xp prof.

            2-download via bank promo months ago / i had no problems with the updates till it changed its look/

            3-McAfee Security Center is all it says. its now badge shape with a M in it, white and red

            4-broadband, wave

            5-i hate ie, firefox 2


            sorry if my typing sucks btw. typing with 9 fingers not 10.

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              automated update is off, has been off since i got mcafree. i hate having it on. but it started downloading or updating or some crap earler today till i end programed it.

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                It's really not a Update it's a Upgrade. However, have you tried the following to disable the automatic updates feature?

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                  BeeFood - were you able to get that done?

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                    Does no one read what i wrote? i said i turned updates OFF ALREADY. they have been off, they are off, the settings say they are off...i have said that several times


                    AND YET IT STILL WANTS TO AUTOUPDATE. it just tried it a few minutes ago. i end progamed the piece of crap again. i do not want the stupid updates downloading on their own without my permis, or installing on their own without my permis




                    so wtf is going on?

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                      BeeFood – we are sorry for the inconvenience, at the same time do understand that we are trying to help you fix the issue so requesting you NOT to use any profanity over here.


                      If you feel that you are not been answered in a right way, then I would request you to click on the Useful Links on top of this page and contact our free technical support team for further assistance

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                        Hi BeeFood,


                        Aldrin is trying to troubleshoot your issue. This means asking very specific questions in which very specific answers are required. Please confirm that your screens look the way they are supposed to, and post your own screenshots if possible. This way we can proceed to the next troubleshooting step.


                        I'm sorry you're frustrated, but it's really that simple. How can we figure out what the problem is any other way?