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    Epo 4.5 Server Task "Run Query"



      Im trying to run a query in the server task menu to automatically pull down new DAT´s & engine versions, but im getting this ugly red text smacked back in the face every time i try to run a query ( see the .jpg) Im only able to choose the "Shared Groups" and not "My Groups" and im not a 100% sure about what that actually is. What am i missing? Im pretty sure i skipped some kinda vital part somewhere.



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          Chart/Boolean chart queies can't be used in ePO server task.


          I will suggest you to create a duplicate query, select table and use in server task.

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            Hey Hem.


            Thank you for the helpfull answer, but you will have to be abit more specifik then that. I understood the "duplicate" part but the rest was *biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* to my ears

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              Thanks for update.


              select the query=>Action=> duplicate. The duplicate query will be created.


              Edit the duplicate query=>select table rather than Boolean pie chart, keep rest of the parameters same, save the query and use the duplicate query in the server task.

              Let me know if this is clear.

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                Hello again Hem.


                I will try it out first thing tomorrow, thanks again!

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                  Hey Hem.


                  Please look at the picture i uploaded.


                  There is no such thing as: "Query=> Action=> Duplicate"

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                    Attila Polinger



                    sorry for jumping in between your converstation: I think Hem was trying to say that the Query you tried to run in the server task might have been a Boolean or Chart type query and not a query that produces table output. For this the system warned you and did not allow you further.


                    You need not to look for other options in ther server task, but rather go to the Reports section and edit the query that you originally selected to be used in the server task, and change that query to Table type. If the system does not allow you to edit the query type, then create a new query for the same purpose and set it to Table type. Then go back to the server task and select this new query.