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    Question regarding trojan

      when i run my virus scan it says there are no viruses, 5 trojans, and none of anything else.  why wont it tell me what the trojans are?  i thought trojans were viruses?  and is there any reason my mcafee didnt pick these up?  I thought that was WHAT I had McAfee for.  Can anyone shed any light?  thanks a bunch!



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          Peter M

          If it says it detected 5 trojans then it did pick those up and quarantine them and no, trojans are not the quite the same as viruses.  See here: http://www.securitypark.co.uk/security_article264586.html


          It would help to know what version of McAfee Security you have, 2009 - square taskbar icon, or 2010 - shield-shaped icon.


          Also it's important that your system and browsers and any associated add-ons are kept totally up to date.



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            I'm having the same problem as msm1127: After every weekly scan, 5 trojans are found. Are they the same ones left over from the weeks before, or are they new ones? The article was interesting, but the question remains. Why are these things here, and how can I keep them off my computer? My version of McAfee is the very latest. When I open Security, everything shows a cheerful green. Frankly, I don't notice anything odd going on with my computer, but I would be happier knowing that the trojans were gone.

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              Peter M

              If they were new ones a pop-up would have appeared warning you.  The Security Report is only a summary of recent actions.

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                Thanks for the help, I have the 2010 shield McAfee.  The only thing I'm confused about is do I need to do anything additional?  Even if the Trojan's are quarentined do I still not need to get them off my computer?  I read the article, but not sure I fully understand, can the Trojan still be causing damage to my computer........ even if it is quarentined?  Thanks, sorry for the ignorance!

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                  Peter M

                  Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

                  Click Navigation (top right)

                  Click Quarantined and Trusted Items in the menu lower down in that window.

                  You can open the 3 drawers there by clicking them and by highlighting an item you will be offered options on what to do.

                  If you have any problems there is always Technical Support Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page and SecurityCenter itself has a good help section too.