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    Restoring SBDATA on backup server



      I recently took control of our EEM/EEPC environment and am having trouble opening a database backup on a test server.


      We have a script that runs daily that takes the SBDATA folder from the production server and does a couple of things with it:

      1. Copies it to the SBDATA location on the test server

      2. Zips the production SBDATA folder and copies it to a network share for archival


      When I try to open EEM on the test server I get an error (0xdb000002) "The database has not been created or initialised yet".  I tried unzipping one of the older archives and get the same error.  I tried to go through the initializing steps after deleted the connection (which was correct, or appeared to be), copied the archived SBDATA again and had the same result.


      I'm assuming that this worked before, but unfortunately the people that had any knowledge of this set up are gone from this company.


      Any help would be appreciated as there are some user objects that I need to get out of a backup.




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          First of all, copy of database should be made off-line or with SFDBBack.exe, special program to copy database files.

          Secondly, SDMCFG.INI file might need to be modified to access test server database folder location. If there are multiple database entries, make sure you connect using the right one.

          You can publish your SDMCFG.INI file here, but remove any KEY information and change company DNS name, IP addresses, etc.

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            I've tried 2 versions of the SDMCFG.INI - both attached.


            While I appreciate that the tool should be used, unfortunately I'm not the one that set it up.  I will most certainly look at using it in the future.



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              If you copied your database off-line to default folder of:

              C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Manager\SBDATA

              and trying to make default connection to:

              "McAfee Endpoint Encryption Database"

              Then it should work. Unless of course your database copy is incomplete.

              Also, I assume that default EEM and EEPC are installed on test server and that is where you are trying to run EEM (locally).

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                easiest way is to start EEM, click cancel on the login box so you can see the token and advanced options, then create a new LOCAL connection to the correct path - make sure the path is the full path where the 00000001,00000002 etc folders are, so if you have the db in


                x:\programdata\backups\sbadmin\sbdata\0..1 then the path would be x:\programdata\backups\sbadmin\sbdata


                mostly it's extra subfolder layers which are the problem.


                the driver is sbfiledb.dll

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                  Peter - I have tried several of the backups from the past 2 weeks and get this error on all of them.  I will try one that is quite a bit older and check - maybe something with the backup changed that is causing incompletes?  I have started to restore one from over a month ago to check and will report back.


                  As for the rest of the comments - I believe that I have checked each one of them.  I have attached a screenshot of the configuration this server has.  Please advise if you see something off as maybe I am missing something...


                  Thanks for the help.

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                    your backups are incomplete - you only have folders 1 and 2, there should be at least 1,2,3,5,7, and probably a couple more depending on what options you have installed.

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                      Just compare how many files you have in SBDATA on production server and how many on your backup/test server.

                      I think you are missing A LOT.

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                        You guys would be correct in that the number of folders/files don't match up.  We'll see how far back I have to go to find a complete backup and I'll try to restore that.  This is actually really good information that may be relevant to an SR I have open with you guys currently.


                        This also really scares me as I'm not sure how far back I'll have to go if the database is corrupted.


                        Thanks for the help.

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                          the number of files will never match exactly - but you should at least have all the object classes (top level directories)..

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