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    Need help with a virus from antispyway

      I have McAfee system, which came with my Dell laptop, and later I became a member by using Time-Warner cable system. My laptop used to update McAfee new virus definitions regularly, but it was hyperbaton for a few days and did not update. I was surfing on the Internet and suddenly a got a virus attack which has taken over the system and does not allow to run any program and continuously give a warning that my system is infected and wants to check for the viruses. However, it tells me that I have to purchase the full program from "antispyway.com" in order to clear all the viruses. I know that this is by itself a virus. Has any one any information or experience with this virus and how to remove it? I would greatly appreciate any help. By the way my laptop is only directs to that web page and does not allow me to go to any other site. Any program that I have to use I have to download in other computer and use a flash drive to install in the laptop. Thank you in advance for your help.