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    Why won't McAfee update?

      I seem to have picked up some kind of virus or trojan. McAfee keeps telling me my computer is at risk and  need to update. But when I try I get a message saying McAfee is unable to update and I should check my internet connection or go to technical support. This virus also prevents me from downloading anything. For instance, I thought it might be related to IE so I uninstalled it. Now I get a message every time I go try to go the download page it won't go there. Any ideas what might be happening? How does one actually talk to a human at McAfee? I don'y really want to pay for their service if it doesn't work.

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          You don't mention what operating system and service pack this is but I would reinstall IE8 if I were you as McAfee relies on an up-to-date IE set to its defaults in order to operate normally.   Don't go for IE9 beta as that is incompatible and will be until it's final.


          I see by your email address that you appear to be at an educational institution and am wondering if you use your machine behind their proxy/firewall?    If so this has always been a major stumbling block and you should first contact their IT department for any helpful hints at getting around the proxy, or contact McAfee Technical Support Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.


          If you need to check independently for viruses try the online scans HERE and HERE.


          If you want a good anti-malware application to keep handy for emergencies I use the FREE version of THIS one.


          Always update it before running and let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.



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            You could update your VS manually just download latest definitions from ftp.nai.com.

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              That's not the officially announced path but why not if it works?