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    SuperAgent repository through NAT



      I'm still on EPO 4.0 (Migration to 4.5 is for tomorrow) and have to deploy a remote office with NAT .

      Agent handler in EPO 4.5 could have been the solution  but  the network link is a 1Mbits/s and is quite overloaded, so guess it is not a so good idea.

      The Office use internet proxy from central network , using this 1Mb/s link.

      So I think the better solution is to set up a Superagent as repository there.


      Actually i have open port 82 (office to central) and 8081 (central to office) , agent was deploy by usb key sending at office.

      Communication seems to work partially as agent is seen updated in EPO console  , but i can't perform the migration of agent to superagent (agent is see with is real IP not NATted one).

      Is there a trick to perform the upgrade of the agent ? and to set up replication ?


      Thanks for your replies.

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          I used the following workaround :


          Create one ftp referential to my nat Ip that's only used by replication task.

          Create one superAgent repository with real IP of superAgent on the Nat subnet, so that clients can update.

          Exclude the superagent repository from reports of failed replication.


          Guess it's not very proper, but work's fine.

          If anyone has better solution , i 'm still listening



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