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    Artemis!FEF20D785A18 and Artemis!B20F483C570B

      i have two!

      and everytime i scan my PC those two always pop up!

      help me get rid of it

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          Both detection are for the potentially unwanted program MyWebSearch Toolbar. (MWS)


          Artemis!FEF20D785A18 --> md5: fef20d785a187a6db0a812132554ed6e
          Artemis!B20F483C570B --> md5: b20f483c570b4f6ed950edfe589c05a0


          You can choose to uninstall the MyWebSearch Toolbar or delete these detected files.

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            I also have both of these files to show up and despite downloading Malware I seem unable to remove.  Is there a solution to the problem and how significant are the files?

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              Here's a snippet from the McAfee description for MWS.


              This kind of application generally comes bundled with another program, which usually discloses the fact that it is ad-supported.  Users agree to have the software installed in the license agreement, although they may not realize at first that this file was packaged with the product they installed.


              The software from MyWebSearch was previously detected as Adware-MWS. However after the vendor removed features which caused us to classify their software as Adware, it was reclassified a MWS (a potentially unwanted program).


              Detection and repair of this potentially unwanted program is restricted to the corporate antivirus products of McAfee. For home users who are experiencing Artemis detections of MWS related files, there are two options. One you could check the add/remove programs listing on your computer to verifyif an uninstall option is provided to remove this software.


              Alternatively, could you download and run the McAfee Stinger tool to remove these detections. Get Stinger from here: http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/