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    Security Tool Trojan

      My other PC has the "Security Tool" trojan and it stops me getting online. Can I download a program to this PC to remove it and then save it on a memory stick to use on the infected PC?


      Or is there another way?

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          You could try downloading and installing programs in "Safe Mode with Networking" reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.


          If necessary 'Save as' the installer to your desktop, renaming it in the process.  That often skirts around any restrictions an infection is placing on the system.


          There is an excellent removal guide here:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-security-tool



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            After six hours of trying I went on youtube and a young lady had solved it by accident on her PC.


            Start the Task manager as soon as Windows starts and "end process" when the virus/trojan appears.


            Then delete all traces of it in your folders. Also check Start-up programs in Software Explorer to remove anything there.


            Thanks for your help and I probably got one of the steps wrong to be honest because I was transferring Malwarebytes from one PC to another and it got complicated (for me).


            - john

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              Yes I don't think you can simply transfer a program like Malwarebytes from one machine to another that easily.


              If you can manage to get MBAM onto that machine try running it, in Safe Mode if necessary.



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                Sometimes, Security Tool have high level of resistance to attack of Malwarebytes, i mean it is impossible  remove completly .

                Only ''safe mode'' and Combofix can help, but one problem with Combofix is, it need knowledge of windows files and code of malware, beginners on this field could make a mistake and make big damage in OS.