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    Virus on computer not detected by mcafee security suite

      Hi, Has anyone come across this problem yet and if so please please tell me how you resolved it!  I had to send some pictures via email, and noticed that they were about 260kbs larger than the images I was sending, so I tried to run a scan, but everytime I did the screen blanked out and computer froze so had to reboot, tried again same thing, I could work on computer no problem, but as soon as I tried to run stinger or security suite computer switched off, I can run Malaware and ccleaner no prob, tried to run the mcafee freescan, message says 'your current browser is not supported even though I had ie8, then redirected to download a current browser, which I downloaded  (took forever as internet acting strange) and on a go slow. rebooted to install and found I now have ie7, tried to run freescan again, same message, virtualtechnican says everything is working fine, so how come I cant run a virus scan? tried the 'chat' at technican support and told I need to speak to virus removal at a cost of £60, which I believe to be a bit steep! so I am here, pleading for some help. 


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