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    McAfee has ruined my computer


      This crappy software has blocked just about everything on the web - why do they do this - I should be the one deciding what content I veiw - biggest waste of money on the planet - I will ditch this crap today.

      JUNK - don't waste your time or money.

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          Without more information on your operating system, service pack, browser and version, and what McAfee products and versions are involved here it's not easy to suggest what the problem is but I would hazard a guess that you've either got the firewall in lockdown or you are using secure search in SiteAdvisor or your browser settings are non-standard.


          Also what other security software was/is still installed?



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            Bought a brand new laptop (4 months old) after the 30 days free Norton virus expired i have to decide which should i use.  Since the day I downloaded the software to my brand new laptop this stupid mcafee software.  pop up show on my screen almost every 2mnts...frustrating when believe is sum product and all they do is messed it up.


            hell NO to Mcafee... Norton from Now On ...next facebook friends!!!!!

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              As stated above in this rather old thread, difficult to help someone when no information is given.


              By the way, when switching brands it's wise to run their removal tool before downloading the new stuff.


              Keep you system always up to date and hope you enjoy Norton.