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      How do I take a link from a web site and put it in an e-mail a friend told me to paste it but I am new to this and do not know how to do that , can any one help me ?????????????????

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          Peter M

          When you are on the page the URL (address) for that page should be displayed in the address bar at the very top of your screen.


          Highlight it by putting your cursor at one end, left click and hold and slide over the entire adress, that will highlight it hopefully.


          Once it's highlighted right-click on it and select Copy.  (or CTRL-C)


          Then go to wherever you want to paste it and put your cursor on the spot you are aiming at and right-click - Paste.  (or CTRL-P)


          or another way is when on that website simply click "File" on the top menu bar and look for the Send selection in the drop-down menu.


          Below is Internet Explorer but all browsers have a similar facility.   I can steer you to a good Windows help forum if you tell me what operating system you are using.





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            Thanks , I will try it I know it will work but me getting it right is a different thing

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              Peter M

              It takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it you'll find it easy.


              What's your operating system and service pack?


              Also don't forget a Google search - often solves problems.


              I found this for instance by Googling How to cut, copy and paste





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                I have windows vista and I think service pack 2

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                  Peter M

                  You can be sure by right-clicking "Computer" either on your desktop or from the Start/All Programs menu & going to Properties.


                  Here's a good Vista Forum for general PC issues:  http://www.vistax64.com/  Don't let the 'x64' in that address fool you, they deal with all flavours.

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                    ok , thanks ex_brit really helpfull

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                      Peter M

                      You're very welcome.