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    mcafee/bt netprotect blocking images...how can I disable this?

      I am running mcafee security centre 10 on my laptop, which is running windows 7 professional 64 bit. I was previously using another anti-virus product, but decided to change to mcafee, as my isp (bt broadband) provide it for free in the form of bt netprotect plus.


      However, since installing it, I keep having images getting blocked on various websites, and in my email. It seems to be completely random as to whether images are blocked or not, and I canot find how to disable it. I've enabled parental controls, then disabled image blocking on there, to no avail.


      I've also tried disabling the firewall, which stops it to some extent, but it does seem to still block images randomly occasionally. I've looked through all the settings, and I cannot find how to disable image blocking, except through the parental control part, which I do not use anyway.


      I would appreciate it if someone could give me some idea of how to set mcafee to allow all images no matter where they are from. I could probably remove it and just put the anti-virus part on, but that seems like a hassle just to sort out one thing, and i'm not entirely sure if the installer that bt provide allows a custom installation anyway.


      I do know that it is definately something in mcafee that is causing it, as if I uninstall it, images are displayed with no problems.



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          Just in case more information is needed, I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, with internet explorer 9.


          My mcafee software versions as listed in the program are:


          Security Centre: 10.0 (build 587)

          Virusscan: 14.0 (build 309)

          Firewall (disabled): 11.0 (build 385)

          Siteadvisor: 3.1 (build 175)

          Parental controls (not in use): 12.0 (build 283)

          Quickclean and shredder: 10.0 (build 240)



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            Peter M

            I can only guess that you possibly have Parental Controls turned on and you are using a User Account that is labelled as a child, which automatically restricts viewing certain things.


            It's difficult to say what's causing this really without more details.  If your taskbar icon is square (2009 version) double-click it and then in the open SecurityCenter click "About" and post the version number for all the installed components.


            If your taskbar icon is a shield (2010 version) double-click to open SecurityCenter then click Navigate at top right and then About at the left to find that information.


            The ultimate Technical Support is provided as online Chat via Useful Links at the top of this page.   There an actual technician can connect with your computer if necessary to check what is causing this.





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              Peter M

              Sorry I just realised you stated SecurityCenter 10 which is the 2010 version.  I don't use Parental Controls myself but there is a comprehensive help section.   Just click Help at top right and then Help again.


              You could also look to see if your browser has any non-default settings which may be causing this.


              Failing that I suggest you contact Technical Support online Chat.





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