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    I can not uninstall EEPC, someone please help me.


      first my english is not that well,

      so I will describe it as clear as I can.

      I'm a employee of HP,

      use the software update from server,

      so I do not have a cd rom like safetech/wintech or something(and I even don't know what those are),

      I just update and installed the endpoint encryption,

      now I find my PC is very slow and want to uninstall the endpoint encryption,

      and I tried to enter the safemode and type the "sbsetup.exe -uninstall" thing but it did't work, it shows "the client can not be uninstalled while boot protection is still enabled."

      I don't know the edition of my EEPC,

      and my system is Vista,

      so is there anyone who can help me?

      really many many many thanks...

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