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    VSE 8.5 and 8.7 scans causing slowness?

      In my current environment we have a couple of offices that are experiencing some issues where CPU utilization appears to be high and the process that is using the most resources during this time is Scan32.exe. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue and what you have done to address the issue?

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          You need to include more detail in your post, from what you PM'd me you are getting scan32.exe running this indicates you have an on demand scan running at boot, so either its scheduled for this time or you have put the run missed task option on the scan thats scheduled for another time.


          Please post all the info you PM'd me and also anything else you can find on what scan tasks you have scheduled and what the task options are set to.



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            Sorry guys. I have a ton of information and didn't want to write the first chapter in what is bound to be a short novel.


            For one of the locations that is seeing scan32.exe use a lot of CPU, I am looking in the policy and tasks and our ePO admin has broken the inheritance and applied a new basic policy to that locations workstations. Additionally when I look at tasks, the on demand tasks are there but there is NO check mark in "Task and Schedule Settings". If I am understanding that right, that means that the task is not running correct? So my next question would be, how are the workstations seeing high CPU being used by Scan32.exe?


            Edit: I just looked at the task for 8.7 again and even though the check mark is missing as I stated above, when I look at schedule it does still show enabled, schedule type is when idle, set to stop is task runs more than 3 hours, and when system has been idle for 20 minutes.


            Does that mean that the task will still run even though there is no check in "Task and Schedule Settings"?



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              if you stop scan32 then look in the OAS scan log it should show the name of the task that has been terminated




              you may have scan tasks applied from epo but not have the task set to show on the clients to see if this is the case....

              check your vse 8.7 user interface policies and make sure the display managed tasks in client console is checked

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                Excellent. That is good information.


                Another question I have about on-demand scans is that if they are scheduled to run for only say 10 or 30 minutes or something like that and don't finish the scan before the task is stopped by the condition defined, the next time it conducts an on-demand scan, does it start over or does it continue where it left off?

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                  In addition to my question about VSE keeping track of what it scans, if I set a scan for "on idle" and stop the task if it runs for 10 minutes. Will it scan anytime the system is at idle? Or will it only scan once each day when the system is at idle? I ask because I set that config on a group and dropped my workstation into that group and just closed everything and let it set and it scanned once and then terminated the task at 10 minutes 9 seconds and then I let my system sit again but the ODS didn't kick off again even though my system is not doing anything.


                  Just curious...