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      I have been asked to update our EEPC background with our helpdesk number in case users need assistance logging on. From what I can tell, I will need to update the middle.png files with this information embedded directly into the image. Is there an easier way of doing this as I have no way of telling where the logon box will appear for each screen size so placing the text is becoming an problem?


      Thank you.

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          If you worried on the box then maybe you can used edit the the bar.png or stripe.png image..

          so the number will be aper at the top or bottom of the login screen



          you actualy can set virtual machine and install EEPC on it

          then play arounds with middle.png graphicks which suit you...

          after you modified graphick under \Endpoint Encryption for PC\Graphics\<size>\  folder or changes in your manager..

          You need to sync to load the graphic into SBFS.

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            the login box is always the same size, and always appears in the center of the middle pane, so, it's easy to work out.


            it's unlikely your machines will be using anything other than 1024x768 though unless you went to the effort of working out the appropriate bios modes etc.