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    SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus 3.0 w/patch 2 & Web Gateway not standing down




      I am running into an issue where SiteAdvisor does not appear to stand-down in our environment which also has McAfee Web Gateway. I have the appropriate policy changes in place and also have made the changes to the web gateway based on this example:


      Note: Your organization's web gateways must be configured to block gateway.siteadvisor.com for this option to be effective.


      I have verify that if I browse to gateway.siteadvisor.com I get the usual Web Gateway block message. Then if I browse using IE from a workstation that is running SAE to a "known" blocked site I get the Web Gateway block message and then the SiteAdvisor block message. This would definately not be the optimal user experience. Has anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,



      SAE Policy.bmp