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    EEFF 3.2.5 - McAfee logon screen slow to load

      I'm testing out EEFF 3.2.5 on a Dell Optiplex 755 running Windows XP sp3. I created a test encryption policy that specified one UNC path to encrypt over the network. Whenever I logon to Windows on a test PC, my desktop appears for a second, then the desktop will disappear and the McAfee EEFF "Select your logon method" box will appear and the cursor will turn to an hourglass. After a wait of around 10-15 seconds, the McAfee logon box appears. At that point I can enter my credentials and everything is working well.


      I see the same behavior when I right-click the EEFF tray icon and choose "Synchronize."


      Is it normal to see a 10-15 second delay between the time McAfee takes control of the desktop and when it displays the logon box? Is there anything I should tweak on the client to allow better performance? I'm also running VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 patch 3.





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          Usually caused by network lag or poor db performance.


          Also if your off the network the login box has to timeout before checking local db. However there isn't any documented local database that i can find i'm guessing its trying to fall back to an eepc database?





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            I have a gigabit link into the server running EEM and the database is fairly small (maybe 70 machines, 60 users, one encryption key). I could see that if the delay is AFTER I type in my McAfee name and password and hit submit, but this delay is occurring while the login box is trying to load. Doesn't seem to make sense to me. Seems like the problem is something in the client system, but it's not a slow PC at all.

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              If you pull up the SBdbServer console and go to the list view you can see it make the connection before the login box appears. I have about a 10 second lag before i get the login and my database has around 22,000 users. However I do notice that subsequent syncs the login box comes up pretty quickly.

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                Thanks for that tip. Here's what I see:


                Login to domain account. Desktop appears for 2-3 seconds. The desktop is then cleared and the "select your logon method" box appears. There is a delay of 20-25 seconds, and during this delay no connections show up in the sbdbserver console. As soon as the McAfee logon box appears, the connection shows up in the sbdbserver console. I can then login with no delay and everything is good.


                I see the same behavior if I choose Synchronize from the tray icon. The delay occurs before the logon box appears, and the connection on the server appears simultaneous to the logon box appearing.


                Is there something I should be doing on the client end? It seems that's where the delay exists. I'm pretty sure I completely disabled VirusScan on the client and it didn't seem to make a difference.

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                  Just want to say that I figured out the problem. When I created the install set, I checked the boxes for both my production server and my "hot backup" server. When McAfee attempts to authenticate on the client, it seems to try to contact both servers simultaneously. I had tcp/5555 closed on the firewall of the backup server, and this was causing a timeout when McAfee would authenticate to the production server.


                  Either by remoiving the entry for the backup server in my client's SDMCFG.INI file, or by opening tcp/5555 on the backup server, the McAfee logon box pops up immediately and authenticates to the production server without delay.


                  This is, in my opinion, a bug in the McAfee EEFF client software. It should allow me to choose the order in which it looks for an EEM server, and try them one at a time. I believe the EEPC client does allow you to set an order, along with options for random or "last known good server".

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                    Good catch, i'll keep that in mind. I don't have a hot backup server in my environment or I probably would have had the same issue. I quite trying to maintain two servers a long time ago and just went the easy route by backing up the whole VM off site.