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    Foundstone causing Riverbed issues


      Our client has recently started to implement Riverbed WAN optimization software and I've been finding that when a scan is running, Riverbed reports high optimization and performance issues.  What can be done to counteract this?

      The scan that is running usually returns about 90 hosts. Its a full non intrusive scan. Credentialed as well. I dont think there is a need to break the scan into smaller sections or throttle it back to a lower speed.  My hardware is a virtual server running server 2003 with a dual core processor and 3GB of ram.  Foundstone version 6.8 with seperate engine and database servers.  I believe that my scans are fairly solid as far as the best practices but am open to suggestions. Once Riverbed is implemented account wide and not just on a few select sites this could be a very big issue. Thank you for the help.