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    Bug in Traffic Analysis Monitor?

      I think that there is a bug in the Traffic Analysis Monitor.

      This is what gets reported after 12hrs from switching the PC on:


      As you can see the Outgoing Numbers are very high.

      My typical outgoing transfer rate is about 0.3MB/s, which is 1080MB/hr. This approx. 1.08GB/hr.

      I suspect that the reported numbers were accidently multiplied by 3600 (see the current transfer rate).


      My computer runs Vista SP2 32bit. Security Center Build Id: 10.5.204

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          The pictures what you have pasted here are not visible, can you try enclosing them again

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            Right Click on the link and Open in a New Tab or Save the file.

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              Sorry, Danieli, that doesn't seem to work on my PC. Of 4 images posted, only one has an identifier (traffic.tif) and that doesn't display when I do as you suggest.


              There is a way to embed screenshots in a message so that they can be easily viewed. I tried it out in https://community.mcafee.com/community/help/getting_started, which is a quiet place to try these things out.


              Take a screenshot with PrtSc, drop it into MS Paint, save it as a .png file, and add it into your message using the Browse button next to "Attach files".

              This lets us see the image without having to save it and drop out of the message to view it.


              Have a look at https://community.mcafee.com/message/153526#153526 (the test messages) and you'll see some examples.

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                Picture reattached.

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                  Okay, that's better, if not perfect (when I click on the link I get a revolving "Loading" symbol but no picture) but I saved the .tif to a temp file and then opened it for viewing using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer; then I opened my own Traffic Monitor and compared the two side by side.


                  Wow. Yes, you definitely seem to have a faulty TM. I don't see how your system could possibly be coping with Outgoing network traffic of 3,680Gb per hour. My own Outgoing is at 1.07Mb/hour, which I would have thought is probably not far off the average; you say yours is usually 1.08Gb/hour (did you mean Mb/hour?)


                  The display graphs of your TM and mine are broadly similar, so you're not running at max. output.


                  I bow out gracefully here. This is clearly one for the experts.


                  Good luck.



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                    I too have this same problem. I run Windows 7 64 bit. I never had this problem until they had the new update that change the UI and their new icon. My traffic isn't quite as large as yours, but I'll average about 50,000 GB for a month in outbound traffic. I previously thought I had a virus, but after getting a new hard drive for my laptop, the problem still occured. I'm sure they have some type of bug. Your outbound traffic for personal use is beyond ridiculous. Your outbound traffic for last month was over 1 billion gigabytes. Simply ridiculous.