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    Performance impact so bad, makes computer unusable most of the time.

      I have had to turn real time scanning off because it made my games unstable. I primarily use my personal PC for games (work provides a laptop for work related stuff) but I find that I cannot use this product on my game PC. When it's on it causes my games to either crash or stutter so much that it destroy's the enjoyment of the game. When I tell it to turn "realtime scanning" off, the stupid "warning your PC is in danger" message pops up randomly and continously even when I acknowledge and close it. Let me tell you how much fun it is to get the 3rd pop up in a day while I'm fighting off the reapers in mass effect 2 right at the point that my shields are down, my health is at 25% and I have only one good shot left to save the team... then, boom, game pops under and the gods darned stupid arse 3rd error message of the day warning me to turn back on realtime scanning, which I can't since it will render the performance on my machine so low as to make game playing impossible, pops up.... not much fun at all.


      Do I have to remove this product from my PC? I still run a bik-monthly virus and trojan check. I don't surf that much on the 'net or download many files so I think I'm not taking too big a risk. Is there no way to turn off that stupid warning pop up???? Also, is there no setting I can use to tell it to not scan certain files (ie: games) since such scanning actually makes those programs unuseable?



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