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      I am a small business co-owner who uses an SG560. I had no experience with a device like this, but found it pretty straightforward to setup and use.


      I'm at the end of the DSL line, so performance is pretty poor. I have a wireless modem for everyday use and the dsl for those really stormy days when I lose the signal.


      I noticed in another thread that someone was using a 3G connection as a backup. I think this would be far superior to my dsl, and a lot cheaper, what with a phone line involved billling.


      I searched ebay and kijiji for an SG560U, but there don't seem to be any available.


      I'm looking for another option, but I don't have any experience with anything other then the 560.


      Any suggestions would be graciously accepted. We don't currently use VPN, but would like to keep that as an option. The only reason it's not in use is that I haven't sorted out how to do it yet.



      John Miller