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    sbadmcl scripts

      I am trying to create 2 command line scripts to run from the command line "sbadmcl ..." in version 5.2.5.


      1. The first is to run a search for machines that have not logged in to the network in 90 days, and 180 days.


      I imagine that the same search will work for both by changing the search parameters.


      2. The second, involves a multi group search for login IDs using a wildcard. We use login names with a $<name> before them to ID users with admin privilleges, like field techs. These IDs are suppose to be removed after the field tech is done working on the machine. Unfortunately MANY of the feild techs don't follow the instructions. I know how to search for a specif ID using a wild card, however, how do you search the individaul machines for <$User ID> on different machinces in various groups?


      Any help would be appreciated