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    System Tree Sorting Task


      In my company we tring to keep info on all our computers even if they are turned off,

      so i made an OU in the epo that tags all the systems when thay stop communicating with the epo for more than 3 month

      but i can't find any sorting task because systems that don't communicate with the epo can't be automaticaly sorted.

      Please help me find some kind of sorting solutions without me klicking on test now...



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          Assuming you are talking about ePO 4.5, you can sort machines that do not communicate.


          I do it the following way and you can adapt the server task below to your needs.


          Actions:  1.  Run Query 
          Query name:   Managed Inactive Agents , Language:   English 
          1.1  Apply Tag 
          Tag: Inactive 
          1.2  Move Systems to Another Group

          System Tree group: My Organization\Sync_Points\Domain X
          Disable System Tree sorting on these systems


          To get this to function as you wish, you will need to go in to the Queries section of ePO and duplicate a query that closely matches what you want to do and then change the criteria of the query to match exactly with what machines you want to enumerate.  Then set up the schedule with which you want it to run.



          Hope this helps.