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    Getsusp and Authenticated Proxies

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      sreekanth.manda wrote:



      If proxy settings are selected/provided under GetSusp Preferences, one will get a dialog box popup during sample submission or upload titled "Proxy Authentication". Based on the authentication mode set on the proxy side, the credentials can be provided in this dialog.



      Upload site: https://www.webimmune.net/





      Have done some more testing, and can get the authenticated login to work with my proxy for the submission of the files, but not the original connection to the "Known Clean Files" database. Artemis detections work fine on my internal network.


      Is the best way to resolve this to wait until GTI 1.1 is released in Q4 ?

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          The Known Files Database connection is a direct connection to our whitelist database over tcp port 80 using a custom protocol. It is not proxy aware and will fail. This is expected behavior and is not tied to the GTI server.


          The global Artemis cache should be able to account for all the prevalent files on your network. An update to the Known Files Database (KFDB) protocol is on the GetSusp todo list.