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    Upgrade 8.0i to 8.7i

      Hi All,


      Our 2 exchange servers are running on VSE 8.0i and they are not being administered by EPO at the moment.

      I have been given the task to upgrade it to 8.7i and have them administered by EPO.


      I am not really good with Mcafee products.


      While uninstalling 8.0i and installing 8.7i ...what are things i need to consider...


      Thanks in advance...

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          Hi andy_806,


          Hence VSE 8.0 is not being administered by ePO you can un-install them manually.(From add/remove programs)

          To install and manage VSE 8.7 from ePO you need to create a client task on the ePO server.

          Before you need to install McAfee agent on the servers.




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            Thanks for you reply.

            Can i just install 8.7i and then link it to EPO.

            What about the GroupShield? DO i need to install it again or can i leave it there as it is.?



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              That's fine,


              No need to re-install the GroupShield.


              Have you install the McAfee agent on the server, If not, install the McAfee agent first.





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                There's no need to uninstall VSE 8.0 or to install the McAfee agent first.  Actually, the first thing you want to do is search the KnowledgeBase for articles (such as KB51471) that provide information on running VirusScan Enterprise on a server with Exchange.  I would search the KnowledgeBase for 'VirusScan Enterprise and Exchange' and read some of the documentation that's out there. (make sure to read KB51471).  Also search Microsoft's site for their recommendations for configuring anti-virus software on Exchange servers.  For example, if you are running Exchange 2003 you'll want to read "Overview of Exchange Server 2003 and antivirus software"  (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823166)


                Then, just copy the setup files for VSE 8.7 to the servers and run through the install.  Setup will take care of uninstalling VSE 8.0 for you and preserve your existing settings.  Then, double-check your settings and make sure you have all of the exclusions right.


                Once you have all of the settings exactly how you want them, the next step is to create a policy in ePO that incorporates all of your existing settings.  After you have the policy in ePO, then deploy the McAfee agent from your ePO server to your Exchange servers.  You want to make sure that you have the right policy set up in ePO *before* deploying the agent because if you don't, the agent will enforce a policy on your Exchange servers that may cause you problems.

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