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    Java firewall rule


      everytime that a new java update is released I have to put my firewall in learning mode.otherwise it wont let me run java and update java.  I haven't activated "application policy" so I dont understand why it have to be set to learning mode all the time. does anyone know exacly witch port that needs to be open and to witch ipadress so it will automaticly work next time java needs to be updated?

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          You get this issue as the fingerprint (MD5 hash) of the Java executable is incorporated on the learnt rule.

          Whenever the executable is changed with the upgrade, previously learnt firewall rule stops allowing the required traffic.


          Check the "Application" option of the rule and change the method from "Match by fingerprint" to Match by path"

          remove the MD5 hash string in the Application fingerprint box. Add the exact path of the executable in front of the file name.

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            hi Nishantha

            thanks for the reply. that worked and saved me alt of work

            but i notisted that the java installer file also wanted to access the internet , so I have to let that installer file get the rights to get by the firewall. but when a new java installer update is released i have to let that file also get by the firewall. is there a way to let all futrure java update install files get the necessary rights to get by the firewall?


            and the same thing for adobe flash?