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    Updated Security Center - no details on DATs etc

      Hi guys


      I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium.


      My McAfee had a major update yesterday, changing the look of Security Center.


      Everything appears to be running Ok but I can't fathom out one thing....


      Where does it say what version of each application am I running? For instance, I used to be able to see what version of Security Center, the latest DAT update, Firewall etc was on my computer.


      Maybe I'm being stupid but I can't see it anywhere on the new layout. It just gives me a time for the last update and a time for the next update and a security report.


      I'll be honest, so long as it's working I'm not overly bothered but I thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something.


      Also, I have automatic updates checked but this morning out of curiousity I chose the manual update option. To my surprise it download something and installed something. Yet on my security report it says there have been no updates. Maybe nothing to worry about but I'm just a bit puzzled.


      Any explanations would be welcome.


      Thanks for your help



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          Peter M



          I think that update record only works for ones initiated by the software rather than the user.


          To get version numbers click Navigation (top right) then About (left).

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            Thanks Ex_Brit


            according to the About panel on Navigation, I am running Dat 6133. McAfee says I'm protected but I haven't had a new DAT for a day or so. I presume that's correct?


            thanks again for your help.


            ps.. I'm such a techno dinosaur.....I hate change!!!!!!!!!

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              Peter M

              Mine was 6133 too until I right-clicked and selected 'Check for Updates' and now it's gone up by 1.


              If you have updates set to automatic they usually come in quite silently so you wouldn't even notice them installing, unless a big one necessitates a reboot of course.

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                thanks again ex-brit


                have logged on again tonight (I'm in England).


                McAfee is set to automatically update and I have the reassuring green tick to say I'm protected.....but still no updates.


                I checked the security report and it just tells me the time of the last update and the time of the next update (always 10 mins later).


                The reason why I'm slightly puzzled is I'm used to an update a day from McAfee. Since Security Center updated on Monday 11th, I've had nothing apart from the one time when I manually checked for updates myself. The ABOUT section confirms none of the other components have updated since the big change on Monday apart from Virus Scan which occurred with the manual check and the Anti Spam which appears to have had a content update later on the 11th, presumably when my son was using it.

                Should I be concerned?


                Maybe I should be more patient but that goes for a lot of things in my life!!!


                best wishes



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                  Peter M

                  There's no need for concern unless McAfee starts throwing up warnings and/or alerts.


                  That 10 minutes thing is confusing.  SecurityCenter polls very frequently for updates to all the applications and I think that's what it's indicating there.


                  I'm off to the UK in 2 weeks to visit friends in London.   I try to get over at least once a year.

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                    Thanks again Ex_brit.


                    I suppose much of my concern is just borne out of what went before.


                    McAfee would pretty much always update the Dat version every day and, even when it didn't, the Anti Spam Content Update would always be in sync with the last time I logged on.


                    With the new version, it hasn't done that but maybe there hasn't been anything on the automatic updater.


                    Everything is green and ticked so, like you say, it's probably fine.


                    I'm still running Dat 6133 but I'm reluctant to manually update because I want to see if it will eventually do it automatically.


                    Thanks for your help, enjoy London.


                    Best wishes

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                      Think I have got to the bottom of this issue.


                      McAfee has automatically updated twice in the last two days taking me to Dat 6136.


                      However, it has only updated on its own when the computer has been idle for more than 10 minutes. ie. No mouse movement or keyboard activity.


                      This never used to be the case in the past. It would always update automatically about five minutes after logging on regardless of whether I was emailing or on the internet etc.


                      As I am a home user who logs on and off throughout the day, the computer is very rarely left idle.


                      Of course, I could - and probably will - manually update but that defeats the object of having the automatic function.


                      Having searched various threads on this forum, I see similar problems to mine.


                      I can’t help but feel McAfee need to look at this. Why change something that worked fine?

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                        Peter M

                        They call is smart updating.  Well we have several other names for it and they are aware that improvements need to be made, you can be sure of that as we've passed many peoples' remarks back to them.



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