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    Apache service Error

      Dear all,


      since I've uninstalled ePo 3.6.1 from my server and set it as 4.5 Distributed Repository one of a Master located in Switzerland, I have problems with McAfee Apache Server service.

      When I start it, the Windows Application log show this error:


      The Apache service named  reported the following error:
      >>> [Tue Oct 12 11:15:30 2010] [notice] Disabled use of AcceptEx() WinSock2 API

      and then fills up each 6 seconds of this kind of error:


      Faulting application Apache.exe, version, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.4062, fault address 0x0000bee7.

      For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


      I've already looked around the community and found solutions speaking about stopping IIS and restarting it but I don't have IIS on my server .

      Also other solutions about conflicts on port 443 but this is just a distributed rep.


      honestly I don't know where to search again, and I guess Apache service is a vital part of ePo...


      Can you help me about this matter?


      Thanks a lot in adance and Best Regards


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          Sorry, I'm a bit confused    Where are you seeing this error message? On the ePO 4.5 server? If ePO 361 has been removed, I would expect Apache to have been uninstalled as well...


          Thanks -



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            Hi Joe,


            sorry for not been enough clear.


            I'm getting the error on the same Server (windows 2003) machine.

            I uninstalled ePo 3.6.1 and then installed version 4.5 on the same one.


            The only difference is that with 3.6.1 version it was Master repository while now with version 4.5 it's a Distributed one.


            I hope it's more clear now..


            Thanks indeed



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              Sorry, still not clear


              I'm not sure what you mean by "...with version 4.5 it's a Distributed one." If you uninstalled ePO 361 and then installed 4.5, then this machine is still a master repository: each ePO installation has to have a master repo.

              Is this machine an ePO 4.5 server, or just a distributed repo for another ePO 4.5 server?


              Sorry to be so dim


              Regards -



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                No worries Joe, that's my fault.


                anyway, answering to your question, the actual server is now a Distributed repository for another ePO 4.5 server.


                Best Rgds,



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                  I assume it's an HTTP repository? If so, did you install Apache yourself?

                  When ePO 3.6.1 was removed, it should have removed the ePO installation of apache...


                  Thanks -



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                    Hi Joe,


                    it's a UNC Distributed repository of a Master one installed on our headquarter....but honestly I've not installed Apache by myself...

                    I did just the uninstall of ePo3.6.1


                    is there something that I can check on the Windows Server on which it's installed? Or something else to ask to the Master rep admin on his side....


                    Thanks again



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                      If it's a UNC distributed repository, then it's not using Apache at all... if you don't need a webserver on that machine then I'd suggest removing apache completely

                      Does Apache show up in the add/remove programs list? It may be that it was not correctly uninstalled when ePO 3.6.1 was removed, in which case we will have to remove it manually...


                      Thanks -



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                        Hello Joe,


                        this sounds as a very good news.


                        Anyway, just to be 100% sure, do you confirm that I can remove the highlighted service indicated in the attached picture?


                        Also, this is a description of McAfee Server service and it looks to be a quite vital component,,,,


                        McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 Server

                        • The Server Service is responsible for running the Apache Server.  Apache is used by the ePO server and Agent Handlers to accept client communications.  Amongst many tasks Apache checks the digital signature for all incoming communication packets from managed clients.  Clients communicate with Apache by using a proprietary protocol called SPIPE.  The data transferred over SPIPE is encrypted using TLS.  Apache also stores new policies and tasks in the Apache Cache. McAfee Agents check the Apache Cache for any policy or task changes.  Because Apache interfaces with each individual client it is responsible for tag management, group assignment, and agent sorting.
                        • Once the Apache Server inspects all packets and completes the agent management, assignment of systems, and passes policies and /or tasks it is responsible for passing all packets of data from the McAfee Agents to the Event Parser.


                        Thank again

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                          Hold on - this is a very different thing...


                          This looks like this machine is an ePO 4.5 Agent Handler. This is not at all the same as a distributed repository, but some people get them confused

                          Did you mean to install an agent handler, or did you only want to create a distributed repository?


                          Thanks -



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