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    Still having problems with high cpu

      Today while doing a scan i noticed my cpu at 100% again.I even had IE crash while coming to this site.Is anyone else expierancing this problem still?

      I really did`nt go back to look through task manager.Last time was having a problem with Mcshield.Any help would be appreciated.

      here is image.After leaving here i went into task manager had high mcshield & svchost.I tried to come back to the forums.IE crashed!I eventually tried to cancel scan.Mcafee would not cancel.I went into task mngr. to end process.Access denied!!This is insane.I have been dealing with these problems from day 1.As soon as you think you have something fixed,it`s the same old story here.I believe as a show of good customer service Mcafee should extend their money back policy.It is bad business for a customer to have had so many problems with a paid for security product.With no end in site.I have been more then patiant with Mcafee.The last 9 months of my paid for version of Mcafee has been the most frustrating experiance of ever owning a computer.Temparary fixes and no solutions.



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