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    can't install other anti-viruses

      my sister has downloaded  McAfee on her laptop(wich now is mine) i was trying to uninstall unnecesery files

      when i was uninstalling McAfee enterprize it don't remove instead computer freezes later i downloaded revo uninstaller,uninstalled McAfee then removed rest files manually(going to c: then remove files in program files,program data then windows) after removing McAfee i installed avast but it had got some problems(can't scan "winsxs" and "ehome")

      then i uninstalled it,downloaded kaspersky internet security 2011 as i install it told me that McAfee and norton are interferring i uninstalled norton but McAfee has uninstalled and when i search for McAfee files the searcher find files but when enter or delete it says file not found how i can uninstall it?