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    EPO 4.0 Cannot create a client task


      1) I ve got EPO 4.0.0 build 1015 and i cannot access to the panel new task for a client..the screen remains grey on Firefox 3.6.6(low security level) and on IE 8.0 (security set to low) when i click on new task (in the bottom left).


      IE tell me:

      Message: Object needed or required

      Line: 115
      Carattere: 9
      Codice: 0


      FIXED: It's only works with IE6 and IE7...dooes not works with firefox





      2) i delpoyed mcafee agent(3.6 or manually with 4.0 patch3) (mcafee 8.5 patch1) with sucess through epo server interface but epo server does not see them all even after 1hour or a reboot.


      3) How do i change the master repository path ?



      thanks for help,





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          Attila Polinger



          just guessing:


          1) try installing the latest Java runtime and/or ePO patch. Alternatively try the same operation using IE 7.

          2) check local agent log on a client via web browser: https://clientname:8081 and check if there are any ASCI-related errors like "Failed to contact ePO server" or like. Alternatively, search for the computername in ePO server to see if the node got created but elsehwere (in other group) where you'd expect and the original node for which you initiated the agent install has stayed and now you have two nodes with the same name.

          3) I think you cannot change the master repository path because it is within ePO server installation folder. Was it that you had in mind? If not please elaborate your question!



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            thanks i'll we try for 1) and 2)


            For question 3) I am just a bit worry about the space require for the master repository..


            I am new in EPO and before i use mirror scheduled stuff and the folder was something like 10-15GB after a couple of weeks..As my EPO server is install on a small partition (4GB free), i wanna know if i was able to change the default path folder before the disk reach "out of space".





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              Attila Polinger

              I think you have to check out what you synchronise in you ePO master repository pull task and remove unwanted elements from the list. Please edit the task that updates the master repository in the ePO server (Automation - server Tasks) and use a selective repository pull and uncheck elements you probably won't need (such as antispam rules, System Compliance Profiler templates, etc.). After that, do a full repository pull and a full replication to distributed repositories if you have any.


              Our master repository is just 450 MB using this selective pull.