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    Is there a way to create secondary IP addresses on an external interface?



      I'm wondering if there is a way on the Sidewinders to setup a secondary IP address on an external interface.


      I just recently got a new set of public IP address from my ISP for me to host some web servers but the IP addresses are not consecutive to the ones I previously had, therefore I don't want to have two external interfaces on my firewall.



      A.B.C.97  with mask  (Original Public IP range given from ISP)


      A.B.C.177 with mask (New Public IP range)



      Currently I'm trying to band-aid the interface by telling it that my primary external interface is A.B.C.178 /24 (which covers both IP ranges) but this gives me a bigger broadcast and may eventually cause me other problems.


      Any suggestions?




      P.D. I'm running the sidewinders with version on High Availability mode just in case.