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    Error reinstalling after uninstallation.

      I have read through numerous lengthy discussions and instructions so I am very frustrated right now. :'(

      I have uninstalled McAfee because I wanted to change my firewall settings so I can use a program to file for my tax return.

      I found the post below and followed the advices accordingly.


      Link 1




      Then I followed this next guide to uninstall and reinstall McAfee.


      Link 2

      http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100507&lang=en_US&prior_tid=16&A nswerID=16777216&turl==http://kb.mcafee.com/infocenter/index%3Fpage%3Dcontent%26 id%3DTS100507%26actp%3Dsearch%26viewlocale%3Den_US



      Then I downloaded the DMSetup to reinstall my McAfee software from the link below.


      Link 3

      http://home.mcafee.com/Downloads/ProductDownload.aspx?appaffid=648-21&productkey =86C65E4D-35EB-4C07-A782-96AC6A5EF712&pkg_id=322&wt_pkg_id=322&appid=



      When I ran DMSetup, they asked for my account and password. When I got in, it let me choose between "Complete(Recommended)" and "Custom". I chose "Complete(Recommended)". When I pressed the "Next" button to proceed it posted...



      An unexpected error has occured. The login process has experienced and unexpected server access error. Please try again.





      What do I do? Can anyone please help me. I am so frustrated right now and I am considering switching to a new antivirus software if I can't resolved this problem. >_<

      I feel so insecure and unprotected right now. I don't want my new laptop infected. =(


      Please help. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. ^_^