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    Scheduled Scan Not Working

      My scan was scheduled weekly for Sat 8:30 AM, next run 10/9/10.  It did not run at that time. About 10 AM on 10/9, I changed to 10:30 AM.  When I checked back about 11:15, it said it was scheduled for 11:26 AM.  I checked back at 12:30, it had not run and was scheduled for 12:50 PM.


      It last ran on 9/25/10.


      What's going on?

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          Hello pyanko,


          Scheduled scans do not always appear to start when scheduled. This is by design.

          McAfee has changed the way scheduled scans start to prevent your computer from launching a scan while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired.When the scheduled time for a scan occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the scheduled scan will begin.


          Please let us know if even after no key board/CPU usage still the scan fails to start




          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Commuinity Moderator

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            I was on the machine at the time referenced, so I must have been delaying the scan.  Can I adjust the mouse activity and CPU usage parameters or possibly avoid those checks entirely?


            Thanks for the info, appreciate it.