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    Certificate errors

      Please help!  Recently every web site I visited had a warning from Mafee stating not to enter as unsfae ie certicate expired etc.  I did a bit of researching and reset my defaults for firewall.  I get this this message each time I try to enter my e mail account.  I know about clock resetting! which I did and was ok but each time I turn my computer on my clock goes back to an old time, which means I have to reset it each time I turn computer on!  Please help with the certificate and clock issue.  Thank you

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          Peter M

          It sounds like your CMOS battery needs replacing.  The certificate errors are most likely a symptom of a system that is confused by its clock.

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            Hi Mdollson


            Could you please let me know the version of the Internet Explorer you are using?. That you can find by clicking the "Help" button in the top option of the Internet Explorer.





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                   Please check whether the system date and time is correct or not..

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                If you have a Certificate Error, I can offer two small pieces of advice to help you find a solution. Well, three, I suppose.


                First, if you get the errors in Internet Explorer, and you've got Mozilla Firefox on your system, try using Firefox instead of IE. The explanations of the errors are much more informative.


                Second, you may need to post an example or two of the error pages or dialog boxes that you see on the screen. If you don't know how to do this, don't worry, nor did I when I had a similar problem. It's not difficult to include a screenshot in a message, and they help the moderators to understand the problem better.


                And third, if you've got Ex-Brit on your case, you'll be ok. He helped me with my problem, and got it solved.


                Oh, and better fit a new battery. They're cheap but absolutely essential.


                Good luck.

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                  Hi thank you for your help (everyone) but hwat is a CMOS battery, are they expensive and where do I get one.  Thanks

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                    Thanks.  Internet explorer 8

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                      All computers require a small battery on the system board that provides power to the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip, even while the computer is turned off. This chip contains information about the system configuration (e.g., hard disk type, floppy drive types, date and time, and the order in which the computer will look for bootable disks). The CMOS battery allows the CMOS to preserve these settings.




                      Cost varries from 25 cent to 5 dollar(approximate value)



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