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    Virtual Tech/Real time scanning

      I am unable to turn on real time scanning.  Also, when I try to install the online tech it will not let me install it.  Since these problems happened I am unable to use several web pages that I use for work at home, it will not let me download images from those sites to view.  Any help would be appreciated.



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          Hi Mike


          Could you please let me know your connection that you are using to connect with the Internet(Is it Dial-up, DSl or Cable)?

          Also please let me know the operating system you are using?

          Do you suspect any malware infection or any type of infection in your computer?

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            I am using AT&T uverse wireless.  I have vista home 64bit operating system.  I have run malwarebytes in saft mode, full scan and found nothing.


            Thanks for any help,


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              Hi mjmaiers19,

              Basically its not recommended to run a different security software along with McAfee and it might have conflicts during DAT download and scan, please try to uninstall the different security software and update McAfee.

              After you remove malware bytes from control panel, make sure to remove the traces of Malware bytes from the below location even;

              C:\program data\
              C:\program files & also common files.





              Dinesh K

              McAfee Online Community Moderator