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    Why do I have the same viruses every Saturday morning?

      I had a virus, had it removed, it returned, through this forum I downloaded a stinger & malware tool that fixed the problem - NOT - Every Saturday mornign for the past several weeks I have a message from McAfee that my computer is at risk and it is always the same 2 viruses, PCViewer & Reboot. I have been repeating the steps using the same stinger & malware downloads. How can I completely get rid of these viruses?

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          Peter M

          The logical question would be what are you doing just prior to this or have you noticed anything 'updating' in the background?


          What software are you using for full-time antivirus and firewall protection & what is the name of the 'malware download' you used?


          Stinger is a specialised removal agent only for certain infections and unless you have exactly what it is designed to remove it wont help.


          I suggest running the free version of THIS software and update before running. Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.