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    McAfee Stinger and VirusScan freezing when...

      They both freeze up when they come to this file ipnathlp.dll in the system32 area. Would any of you know why this might happen? I can't do a Windows Update, and computer has slowed down, and internet access is extremely slow, as well as it's freezing up. Any ideas of what to do next would be greatly appreciated. I currently am running Windows Vista Home Premium. I have 4gb and 500gb. I can't get the Stinger to even do a very high search-report only, without it freezing on this file. Can I replace this file somehow, or update it? Also, McAfee keeps getting unprotected, the I click the fix problems, and it does go green, then a few minutes later it will go red again. Now starting tonight, when I go to click the fix problems, it says there are multiple errors and can't fix them. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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