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    System Tray icon disappeared??

      Hi, I noticed a peculiar problem.


      I installed endpoint encryption installation set on a laptop and after the completion of Full disk encryption, I noticed that the system tray icon did show the small "computer and lock" icon. I had to reboot the laptop and after I rebooted, I noticed that the tray icon disappeared all of a sudden. I checked the following:


      1) The system is running Win XP pro SP2

      2) The SbTrayManager.exe is running (checked in the task manager)

      3) SbClientManager.exe (Agent) is running

      4) The registry has the correct Run entry with the string 'Safeboot TrayManager' and it references the folder where SbTrayManager.exe resides.

      5) Verified the existence of SbTrayManager.exe in C:\Program Files\Safeboot Tray Manager

      6) The Startup tab in System Configuration Utility (msconfig) does have the SbTrayManager check box checked


      What else do you think is the problem. I already tried the following:


      a) Rebooted the laptop

      b) Unchecked the SbTrayManager in msconfig and rechecked and rebooted. After reboot it showed the icon, but it disappeared when I reboot again.

      c) I tried to kill SbTrayManager.exe in Task Maanger and start to run again. The icon appeared, but again disappeared after I rebooted it.

      d) The AV Admin confirms that the VSE does not stop/ block Encryption related .exes


      Can somebody guide me. I saw some other person have a similar problem, but their remedy was to remove the users and re-add. Well it may have fixed the problem, but it does not make much sense to me, unless somebody can explain.


      Appreciate if anyone of you can throw some light on this issue. Pls see the attached screenshot.


      Thanks, Keith

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          how many laptops is this happening on? If it's just the one, you know what the problem/solution is

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            We had the same issue on several laptops and could never find anything that would explain why it happened or what was common between the systems.  As a workaround, we added the SbTrayManager.exe into the Startup folder and that took care of the issue.


            If anyone has an explanation for why it happened or a different way to fix it, I would love to hear it also.



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              We've experienced this also and it seems to occur on older or slower machines when the machine is performing encryption after the install. Usually a restart will solve the problem or waiting until the machine finished encrypting.

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                we too have had this, and as stated before its usually on older slower laptops where the drive is really thrashing.  Killing the SBTraymanager.exe in the processes and manually executing the file again would bring it up.

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                    Thank you for your reply. Our Comlany just rolled out EPE and both SbClientManager.exe SBTrayManager was running. I killed SBTrayManager via Taskmgr and restarted and the ICON showed in the Tray (as you suggest).


                    This was very helpful as an end user (to McAfee) to have this workaround. I believe this is a really issue here if this is the case


                  If it makes any difference I run in Classic mode under XP SP3.


                  All The Best, Phil



                       ı i  McAfee Agent Version

                       ı i  McAfee Endpoint Encryption Version 5, 2, 6, 10

                       ı i  McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Version

                       ı i  McAfee, Inc. - HIPSCORE.

                       ı i  McAfee, Inc. - SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus Version

                       ı i  McAfee, Inc. - SYSCORE.

                         i  McAfee, Inc. - VirusScan Enterprise Version 8.7.0

                       ı i  McAfee, Inc. - VSCORE.

                         i  McAfee, Inc.(R) Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders(TM) Version 3, 2, 6, 3



                  2.10 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo

                  64 kilobyte primary memory cache

                  3072 kilobyte secondary memory cache

                  64-bit ready

                  Multi-core (2 total)

                  Not hyper-threaded


                  LENOVO 6465CTO ThinkPad T61


                  Bus Clock: 200 megahertz

                  BIOS: LENOVO 7LETC9WW (2.29 ) 03/18/2011



                  160.03 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity

                  130.64 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


                  MATSHITA DVD/CDRW UJDA775 [CD-ROM drive]


                  ST9160823AS [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 0, s/n N50KZZKM, SMART Status: Healthy

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                    Im glad the suggestion worked for you.  I notice you are running some older versions of the Mcafee products though?  We dont see as much of this on the newer 5.2.10 version as we did with versions under 5.2.6.