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    Have I found the keylogger?  Artemis!3A9288EE01B6

      I have Mcafees installed and up to date of my laptop so of course have the Mcafees firewall on my machine and real time scanning on etc, and as well having a  separate network firewall protecting our whole home network.

      Never-the-less my World of Warcraft account was key logged the other night. (I am sure it was a keylogger because of the pattern - I logged in, the log in was 'unsuccessful', I logged in again, and got in, strangely my character was in slightly the wrong place. I was in for about 20 secs then got thrown out again. I tried to log in a third time and was told the password was wrong.) Fortunately I had read about it so recognised the pattern and contacted the company Blizzard and stopped my account within about 15 mins so not  too much damage was done.

      However I then had to find the keylogger on my system. I tried Macfees and then SIX other free or trial  anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, etc programs to no avail. I tried with the WOW account window open (as recommend by Blizzard). I tried in safe mode. Every program claimed I was clean.

      Finally I discovered this document https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1294  on the Mcafees website (thanks Mcafees ).It recommends using the program Stinger. In normal settings even in safe it didn't find anything. However with very high sensitivity on it did find the following trojan:

      Artemis!3A9288EE01B6 trojan.

      But I can't seem to find anything out about this trojan. A google search reveals nothing.

      So what I want to know is - is this the keylogger - or at least the way my WOW account was compromised. In deleting that trojan is my computer safe again. Or should I keep searching?





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