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    settings !

      Hi everybody .



      First of all i would like to know how many users of the mcafee software get it from torrents board and how did you alow it untill now!!??, and how could  torrent longer exist without your(McAfee company) sanctions ??????


      I used kaspersky, norton, avira, avg, bullguard....etc and i've got much expirience with av programs.

      But mcafee 10 it seems to be , there is NOT a way to control how set ''virus detection'', i mean ( low heuristic, mid.heuristic and high heuristic ) ??

      It is on other av software but there isn't at mcafee 10.

      Am i right ?


      I need to know for  UPDATE ! There is not downloading notification during update,only like this: (  1-100 % ) but not like this : ( from 1MB untill 57 MB). !   You know that Norton and Kaspersky have that except McAfee.


      I'm Little diappointed with your offer


      Thank you an sorry if i made improper expressing