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    UNC Location in System PATH Variable




      Apologies for the very long post.



      McAfee Agent
      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i ( patch 3
      (We have also now tried Patch 4 and still have the issues detailed below)



      Are there any known issues with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and UNC paths being used in the Windows XP System PATH variable?



      We have some issues with McAfee Task Manger not starting and slow boot times (detailed below).



      We have discovered the cause is because we have a UNC path specified in the System PATH variable when McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is installed.



      These issues occur when computers are started *off* the network and have a UNC path in the System PATH variable.


      We also get the same issue if the location of the UNC path cannot be reached (for example the server is down) when booting *on* the network.



      When off the network this adds several minutes to the boot times as they hang at ‘Running Logon Scripts…’ (prior to ctrl-alt-del appearing) for 3-10 minutes (giving average boot times of greater than 4 minutes and up to 12 minutes).

      When on the network with an inaccessible UNC PATH location, the only difference is it hangs for a few minutes at 'Applying computer settings...', instead of at 'Running logon scripts...'.



      There is no issue if we start the computer connected to the network and the UNC location is available. Boot times are then about 1 minute).



      When this issue occurs (on or off the network) and we log into Windows (using cached credentials, if off the network) and try to use the 'Manage Features>VirusScan Enterprise' we get an error:



      Your Current Logon was denied access by the remote computer '.'

      Your Logon must belong to the Administrators group on the remote computer'




      If we click OK to this error we get another error:



      Unable to connect to the McAfee TaskManager service.

      Some functionality may not be available.




      If we then click OK on this error the VirusScan console does load (but McAfee Task Manager is still not running).


      During these events the following appears in the Application Event log.



      Event Type: Warning

      Event Source: McLogEvent

      Event Category: None

      Event ID: 5039

      Date:  06/10/2010

      Time:  11:22:41


      Computer: TESTLAPTOP


      The McAfee McShield scanning service could not load naiann.dll Viruses will still be detected but no alerting will occur




      The McAfee TaskManager service can be started manually. It will not autostart.



      If we remove McAfee VirusScan from the computers everything works as quickly as expected.



      This error can be reproduced 100% on any computer with McAfee VirusScan installed by adding any UNC Path to the System Path variable and booting *off* the network.


      It can also be reproduced by adding a non-existent UNC path and booting *on* the network.



      There is no issue if the network locations are used as drive mappings, even if the server is down at the time of booting the computer.


      On a few laptops there is a slight difference in the error.


      These get to the XP logon screen in a fast and normal time but login takes longer. Then the McAfee VirusScan splash screen and systray icon can take a few minutes to load and even after it does we get the same problem with the Task Manger not starting. We get the same errors as detailed above if we try to use the 'Manage Features>VirusScan Enterprise' menu.



      Thank you for your time.






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