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    Why do I have tiny red & green dots on all my files and pictures?


      Every time I open a folder, every file and photo has tiny red or green dot on it.  The red dot has an exclamation point on it and the green dot has a check mark on it.  It looks like some kind of rating system on what's safe and what's not safe,  This has been on my files about 3 weeks.  They don't seem to interfere with my using the file, and the dot is not on the files after it is selected and put in a document.


      My PC is a Gateway SX 2300 with Windows 7. I don't know for sure what I was doing at the time I noticed them, but I had been trying to get my files better organized and uninstalling some programs that i didn't want to keep.


      If anyone knows what they are .....Great!   Even better if someone can tell me how to get rid of them.  Am attaching a couple of files for samples.

      Thank you,