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    Screen Saver not working in Windows 7

      I was told by Microsoft Engineers that I must have problem with McAfee software not allowing me to get Windows 7 screen saver to work.  I tried everything I know and I know a lot and can't get the screen saver to work.

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          Peter M

          It would help to know your version of Windows 7 - Home, Enterprise, Ultimate etc and whether 32 or 64-bit, what screensaver you are trying to run and what McAfee software you have installed, home or business and what year 2010 (shield-shaped icon) or 2009 (square).


          I've never heard of screensavers being disabled by security software unless of course you are running some kind of screensaver that is based on possible malicious code or the machine is infected anyway.

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            I have Windows 7 Home Premium.  McAfee came installed with my system 2010 Shield Icon.  Subscription for 15 months.  Screen saver is an integral part of Windows 7.  All windows comes with screen savers.  I always use them and set them up.  I have been doing this since 1991.  Somehow this computer is not allowing it to start.  Something wrong with the time set on it since it doesn't start.  It work if I click on view instead of Okay when I set the time.  View works. But if I click Okay time doesn't start the SS.  Computer is 3 months old.  i7/ 920 64-Bit processor with 8 GB of memory and Ati 5800 high end video card.  I tried to get it to work with no luck.  Even Microsoft couldn't figure out why so they recommend to come here to McAfee blog for help. My system is not infected because I always have full security in my computer like Norton 360 upgraded annually.  This time I have McAfee instead.  Computer is from Dell.  Top of the line xps9000,  This problem never happened to me in any system I had.  Off Course I never had McAfee before.  I always used Norton 360.

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              Peter M

              I can't see how McAfee could prevent a screensaver from operating.  You may want to post this problem with all those details on THESE forums for a second opinion.

              Question, have you been using registry cleaners as they are notorious for messing up systems or have you otherwise been cleaning up files in any unconventional manner?


              The only thing that I can suggest is to do a system file check.


              Go to Start and type cmd in the Search box.


              cmd.exe should appear above, right-click this and select "Run as Administrator" (even if you are an Administrator) and OK any prompts.


              In the Command Prompt box type in sfc /scannow (with that space) and hit the Enter key.


              OK any prompts and let the system file checker do its thing.  It takes quite a while to complete.


              If it is missing files it will ask for the installation DVD, but it should automatically fix anything that's corrupted.   It's worth a try at least.


              Meanwhile run an independent online scan for infections HERE and HERE.



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                Peter M

                There are some interesting observations in a Microsoft Groups thread:


                I had the same problem, but found that it was related to the "slide show" feature of the desktop background.  If the background change interval is smaller than the screen saver interval, then it will not activate.  In other words, if your desktop background is set to change every 3 minutes, but your screen saver is set to activate after 5 minutes, then it will never activate.  A background change is counted as "activity" by the OS. 




                OK just got off the phone with tech support.  Solved the Problem..

                This is what we did.

                through device Manager went to network adapters and selected the network card
                right click and select properties
                In power management tab
                clear the the check mark Allow this device to wake the computer.

                This does the trick


                It wouldn't do any harm to check for all optional Windows updates that are available via the Microsoft Update option in Windows Updates and see if there are updated drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer's website.



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                  I did all the things you recommended so far.  Scanning ESET is in progress. So far no threat & it is still runnig.  One thing I couldn't do is cmd.exe when it open and right click on it no run as an administrator appears.  I inserted the sfc /scannow and it says You must be an administrator running a console session in order to use the sfc utility.



                  I also changed the time between desktop time and screen saver. I put desktop at 1hr and 1 minute for SS. Still not going & still not working.

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                    Peter M

                    Have you disabled UAC by any chance?  That's the security prompts built in to Vista and Windows 7 which darken the screen & ask to continue or not whenever you do something that could be dangerous.


                    If so re-enable it and hopefully the right-click menu will then have 'Run as Administrator' in it.


                    Go to Control Panel/User Accounts & click on your name.   You will see the setting to turn it on or off there.


                    You will have to reboot to make it take effect.


                    By the way I would post a question in the Windows 7 forums I linked in post # 3





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                      I took a look at UAC and clicked on my computer name and nothing open.  It was writing on it Administrator.  I couldn't open it to see if it is on or off.  I still not able to run the cmd to scan.  Did you say you posted or put a link for this discussion on Windows 7 forum?  I looked and nothing was there.

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                        Peter M

                        No I suggested that you may want to post this problem with all those details on THESE forums for a second opinion.

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                          I just did and copied and pasted our blog.  It will take time for the moderator to see it and they post it.  Thank very much bud for your help.

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