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    Migrating 4.5 to another server


      I want to move EPO to a different server. Current is running W2008 (x32) with SQL 2005 and EPO4.5. Plan is to move to W2008R2 with SQL 05 or later.


      Is there an article listing all of the necessary steps to take?

      If I installed a new SQL version on the new server, will this be a problem in trying to mount the database?



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          I will suggest to refer to KB#: KB66616.


          If you are moving the DB to new SQL server then we have to modify the ePO dependency services as per KB#: KB51683. It holds true even for ePO 4.5

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            Hem wrote:


            I will suggest to refer to KB#: KB66616.




            Please don't do this. This document is designed for disaster recovery (or moving ePO) to the same OS type: it does not cover the additional steps required if you are trying to move from a 32bit to a 64bit OS.

            We're currently writing a document detailing the 32-to-64bit process, but it is not publically available yet.


            Nesdog - if you'd be interested in trying out this document for me, please let me know by private message and I'll contact you.


            Thanks -



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              Have to agree with Joe...for those attempting to migrate a 32-bit ePO instance to a 64-bit, do NOT follow the KB article. It simply won't work.


              We found that out a few weeks ago, even after specifying the exact install path as the previous ePO server. Windows 2008 R2 just installed everything into the (x64) folder anyways, and after several futile attempts to get it to work, we simply had to revert back to the old server. Thankfully, as the new instance we migrated to was a virtual instance, it was a fairly easy task to recreate the new server as a 32-bit instance. The migration was a snap after that.


              It would have been nice to have a documented procedure in place for a 32 to 64 bit move, but better late than never I guess.

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                Thanks all...you probably saved me a ton of trouble! Hoping McAfee will have the proper migration information soon!

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                  Hello Joe,


                  Is the mentionned document or another one covers the migration from Windows Server 2003 64bit to 2008 R2 (64bit off course) for ePO 4.5?


                  By the way is it supported to do an in-place migration (ePO and SQL on the same box)?


                  Thanks for any clues



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                    how about to migrate the Agent by "Transfer System"??


                    Installing the new EPO 4.5 server.

                    Registering the EPO 4.5 servers each other

                    Transfering the Systems to the news server

                    With EPO 4.5 most of your config can be exported and imported.


                    An other way is to deploy a SuperDAT file with the Agent from another EPO server included. :-)

                    This works also pretty well.


                    The next way is, to import the certificates from the existing EPO server to the new one.

                    Deactivate the old EPO Server

                    Adding the IP-Adress from the old EPO Server to the new one as an alias.

                    After this procedure the clients are connecting to the new EPO server, getting a new sitelist. i used this procedure several times. There was no problem anyway.




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                      I was the OP for this thread. I have worked with McAfee (Joe) on a recommended migration plan that they provided for testing. I suggested some tweaks to that plan and my guess is that he is tightening down the steps a bit. Hopefully they will be able to make this available to everyone soon. I was able to do the migration successfully and I'm very appreciative of their help.

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                        Thank you Thorsten for the possible migration paths. Last one seems interresting indeed.





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                          An avaialbility soon means weeks or more?

                          Just to know.



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