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    compatibility issues of an Asus EEEPC (1005ha) -  0xe0050045 unable to read data store object attribute


      Has anyone else got one of these encrypted and working?


      We have an Asus EEEPC 1005ha model  which has issue with encryption rendering it unusable. I ve tried all manner of  file group combinations and was able to get it to boot through authentication  with the following enabled


      exclude sector 59

      update MBR for endpoint

      update  number of sides

      machine options for always enable preboot usb and boot compatibility tried in all combinations

      with the bios setting on the sata controller to compatible

      with v5.2.1 and after upgrading to 5.2.5 it is still the same


      Best situation I've managed is all the above enabled I can login with a user whose password is current, If I use a  user who needs to change their password at login I get an unable to read object  datastore attribute error (0xe0050045 unable to read data store object attribute) after a delay


      If I cancel to te login to attempt  recovery the pre-boot os hangs then displays 0xe0050045 unable to read data store object attribute


      this system as a 160 sata hdd but the device packaging also states 10gb SSD storage although I can't see that in disk manager in XP.

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